Anne Bavelaar becomes third at the Open Scandinavian Championships

Last weekend the Open Scandinavian Championships Modern Pentathlon took place in Helsinki, Finland in which Anne Bavelaar competed representing the Netherlands. Modern Pentathlon includes swimming, fencing, horse jumping and a combined event of running and shooting.

The events swimming, fencing and horse jumping took place on Saturday and with the combined event being held on Sunday it became a two-day-competition.

At day one Anne swam to a personal best time and with a strong performance in fencing she was on her way to a top position. Unfortunately she missed, as is very unusual for her, some points at the horse jumping. Therefore she started in fourth place at the combined event, 1 minute and 7 seconds after the first competitor. But due to her strong shooting and some fast running she came closer to the women in front of her, reaching third place after a Finnish and a Swedish contestant.