World Championships

Today is the last day for Ruben and Bram in South Korea. Looking back at the WC, the conclusion is that although Bram didn’t make it to the finals, the finals in London are far from unfeasible. Numbers 4 to 6 in Daegu have all been beaten by Bram both in 2009 and 2010 and Bram’s 2009 time, 1.43.59, should be enough by far for the finals. Nevertheless there are a few preconditions to be met in order to get back to the required level. Without being too specific, firstly he should be injury free, secondly he should improve on other distances than the 800m and thirdly he should improve the specific requirements of tournament running. The challenge for coach and athlete is to find the delicate balance between the optimal load and the biological resilience. In normal words what is the minimum load which reaches the goals and prevents any muskulo skeletal breakdown. Non training requirements and preconditions are a key factor in Aprendo’s methods. This means performance enhancement by behavioral optimization, improvement of the medical support structure and nutrition/supplementation amongst others.