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October 17th, 2012

Aprendo ondersteunt CliniClowns

Aprendo heeft sinds februari 2012 ruim 30 lopers voorbereid op de New York Marathon 2012. Deze groep loopt voor een goed doel, namelijk de CliniClowns. Op dit moment is er al bijna € 140.000 aan sponsorgeld binnengehaald door de lopers en loopsters voor dit goede doel. Aprendo sponsort dit project van de CliniClowns middels het verzorgen van groepstrainingen en schema’s en fungeert als ervaren vraagbaak voor de deelnemers. De New York marathon is voor vele leden van deze groep de eerste marathon.

Lees hier verder voor meer informatie over dit project.

October 17th, 2012

Ruben Jongkind presenteert Ajax-opleiding nieuwe stijl in stadion Arsenal

Aprendo-eigenaar Ruben Jongkind en Derk de Kloet hebben vorige week namens de Ajax-opleiding in het Emirates Stadion van Arsenal de handen op elkaar gekregen van zo’n 120 vertegenwoordigers van 80 Europese topclubs. Zij woonden een presentatie van het duo bij, waarbij de Ajax-jeugdopleiding nieuwe stijl centraal stond. De ECA – verzameling van Europese topclubs – had de bijeenkomst georganiseerd voor de leden, waarbij jeugdacademies en de ontwikkeling van jeugdvoetbal centraal stonden.

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August 31st, 2011

World Championships

Today is the last day for Ruben and Bram in South Korea. Looking back at the WC, the conclusion is that although Bram didn’t make it to the finals, the finals in London are far from unfeasible. Numbers 4 to 6 in Daegu have all been beaten by Bram both in 2009 and 2010 and Bram’s 2009 time, 1.43.59, should be enough by far for the finals. Nevertheless there are a few preconditions to be met in order to get back to the required level. Without being too specific, firstly he should be injury free, secondly he should improve on other distances than the 800m and thirdly he should improve the specific requirements of tournament running. The challenge for coach and athlete is to find the delicate balance between the optimal load and the biological resilience. In normal words what is the minimum load which reaches the goals and prevents any muskulo skeletal breakdown. Non training requirements and preconditions are a key factor in Aprendo’s methods. This means performance enhancement by behavioral optimization, improvement of the medical support structure and nutrition/supplementation amongst others.

August 26th, 2011

Anne Bavelaar becomes third at the Open Scandinavian Championships

Last weekend the Open Scandinavian Championships Modern Pentathlon took place in Helsinki, Finland in which Anne Bavelaar competed representing the Netherlands. Modern Pentathlon includes swimming, fencing, horse jumping and a combined event of running and shooting.

The events swimming, fencing and horse jumping took place on Saturday and with the combined event being held on Sunday it became a two-day-competition.

At day one Anne swam to a personal best time and with a strong performance in fencing she was on her way to a top position. Unfortunately she missed, as is very unusual for her, some points at the horse jumping. Therefore she started in fourth place at the combined event, 1 minute and 7 seconds after the first competitor. But due to her strong shooting and some fast running she came closer to the women in front of her, reaching third place after a Finnish and a Swedish contestant.

August 25th, 2011

Rob Kwaaitaal crowned national masters champion

Rob Kwaaitaal a pupil of Aprendo trainer Ruben Jongkind made his comeback this year as a masters triathlete, immediately claiming the win in his agegroup 40-45 year and getting 3<sup>rd</sup> overall at the masters nationals in Veenendaal. This Championship was held over the olympic distance wich means 1500m swim, 40k bike and 10k run. Rob had a decent swim, really strong bike ride leading into first position, which he could preserce in the run to win the race in 1:57:49.

August 25th, 2011

Sixth place Bram in London

Bram Som finished sixth in the Diamond League 800m in London. In a very fast-paced race including world record holder David Rudisha, Bram ran to a  time of 1:45.69. With this time Bram was only 0.04s away from immediate qualification for the World Championships and it was the first time this season under 1:46 indicating the progress he has made after a slow start of the season.

August 25th, 2011

Bram Som wins National Championships 1500m

In preparation for a qualification attempt for the World Championships Bram Som chose to compete in the 1500m at the Dutch National Championships for a needed stamina boost. He won the race in a thrilling sprint finish with Rene Stokvis by a small margin of 0:00:03s running to 3:48.73. Watch the race on NOS: 1500m final Dutch Champs

Thomas Kortbeek couldn’t regain his title at the 400m hurdle this year but came in second in 52.30s.

August 25th, 2011

Frank Heestermans wins National championships under 23

After claiming silver at the Dutch Championships olympic distance triathlon and bronze on the sprint distance under 23, Frank Heestermans won gold during his debut on the middle distance of 2k swim, 80k bike and 20k run. Not being used to racing these distances the 4.00.42 he took was remarkably fast but exhausting as well. Frank was really looking forward to take on the challenge, trying to take the title and learning a lot from the whole experience in which he both succeeded.

June 13th, 2011

Fifth place Bram in the Big Apple

Bram Som finished fifth in the Diamond League 800m in New York. In very bad weather conditions Bram his time was 1.47.34.

Recently Bram only managed to run a few times per week with low volume. Bike sessions, strength and flexibility training were the other ingredients of his training menu. Having had serious surgeries on both his achilles tendons and his age (31) in mind Bram’s and Aprendo’s main focus is to avoid injuries due to overtraining / overloading. Any signal of overload is taken seriously and measures are taken accordingly. That is why Bram only races when he is physically hundred percent fit. Even a Diamond League Race is not worth the risk of a serious injury. A serious injury would endanger Bram’s ultimate goal: a medal at the Olympics in London 2012. This means that we have to make efficient and effective choices in order to reach this goal! Every day is used to improve these choices!

June 13th, 2011

First National Medal for Frank Heestermans

Aprendo congratulates Frank Heestermans with his silver medal at the Dutch Championchips Triathlon Olympic Distance Under 23.
Frank joined Aprendo about 5 years ago.  Frank and Aprendo designed a long term development plan. Excellent technique in all diciplines, overall health, efficient and effective training, and social development are the key words in this plan. In that light we are even more delighted that Frank will finish his HBO-study “Sport, Health & Management” in the upcoming month. In the Aprendo philosophy athlete development is more than only developing the athlete.

In the past half year Frank focused on finishing his studies. In training the focus was on improving his mobility in order to be able to improve his swimming technique further. In running the focus was on short distances, 800m to 3.000m. Naturally there is still a lot of progress to be made in these shorter distances. Despite the fact that Frank will start to aim his training at Olympic Distance in approximately 2-3 years, he succeeded in winning a silver medal. Does this say something about Frank’s level or does it say more about the current level in national triathlon? Still Frank and Aprendo will not increase his training load towards ‘traditional’ OD loads but instead stick to our long term plan!