What we do

Aprendo teaches movement skills and trains athletes with an individual approach. Our clients are mainly soccer players, runners and triathletes from the recreational up to the elite level.

Everybody who wants to reach a specific goal in sports has a different background in for example body composition, behavioral patterns and the way one reacts to training stimuli. An average approach to training thus will lead to average results. Therefore Aprendo prefers an individual approach, which is based on the following cycle:


  • Assessment of
    • past performance
    • training history
    • injury history
    • nutritional behavior
    • performance related behavioral patterns
  • Analysis and testing of
    • mobility and stability
    • strength
    • running technique
    • sport specific movement patterns
    • sport specific performance analysis
    • skeletomuscular status


  • Agreement on
    • common goals
    • constraints on reaching these goals
    • protocols to overcome these constraints
  • Design of efficient programs including
    • corrective strategies for mobility and stability issues
    • functional strength training supporting sport specific movements
    • sustainable sport specific training
    • nutritional strategies
    • behavioral strategies


  • Customized personal training of
    • running and agility techniques
    • mobility, stability and strength
    • sport specific performance
  • Personal coaching of
    • nutritional behavior
    • performance enhancing behavior
  • Physiotherapy


  • Evaluation of the effectiveness/efficiency of the process with regard to the goals